Colon or rectum cancer patients can suffer from several health problems during the follow-up period, however, biggest concern is to contract a new cancer. Other cancers may occur simultaneously or over time in patients who are diagnosed with colorectal cancer. In addition to other cancer types, risk of developing new colon or rectum cancer is higher than normal in these patients.

Repeating of the same cancer in an early period after the treatment is called relapse or recurrence. However, some patients may develop a completely different second cancer that is independent from the first one.


Unfortunately, receiving treatment for colorectal cancer does not protect from other cancers. All cancers that may develop in other people can also develop in this patient group and in fact this risk is higher than normal for some cancer types. Cancers with increased risk for colon cancer patients;

Second colon cancer (this is different than relapsed first cancer)

Rectum cancer

Gastric cancer

Small intestinal cancer

Anal cancer

Billary cancer

Uterine cancer

Renal cancer

Ureter cancer


Cancers with increased risk for rectum cancer patients;

Colon cancer

Small intestinal cancer

Anal cancer

Lung cancer

Vaginal cancer

Renal cancer.

Reasons for the increased risk in these cancers may be risk factors such as nutrition, obesity, physical activity. As with Lynch syndrome patients, genetic predisposition may be another factor.

Reducing the risk of development of second cancer is to maintain a healthy condition. For example; quitting smoking, not having excess weight, physically active lifestyle, healthy nutrition, avoiding or restricting alcohol consumption are measures that protect patients from all health related problems.